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Kimberly McCann

Owner/Founder, His Palette Kimberly spent over six years as a women's leader in her church and began teaching Bible journaling and creative note-taking at the College of Southern Nevada in early 2017. The His Palette ministry has grown to include online teaching and she opened a Bible journaling print shop less than two years ago. She currently works full time managing her creative ministry and business.

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Kimberly playfully refers to herself as a Jesus freak with a journaling Bible. Creative all her life, she believes she was called to her creative worship ministry. She has two super talented adult children who she is very close with. She works full-time, writing for, creating printables for the His Palette Print Shop on Etsy, and of course Bible journaling. She adores her amazing friends from the Bible journaling community and loves whenever she gets to meet one in person. An 80s and 90s fan, she's still hoping BIG hair will come back in style.

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Kimberly McCann