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Amanda Davis

Expecting the Unseen

A Session by Amanda Davis (Owner/Founder, Devotion In Action)

About this Session

You know that time between God planting a seed of a dream in your heart and it coming true? Waiting is not fun for any of us, but it is in the waiting where we hope for and expect the unseen. This teaching on tips to navigate seasons of expecting the unseen includes a journal in real time with me on Romans 8:24-25. If you want to journal along with me, please download the free printable for this session. Other supplies you will want to have available: Bible or journal to create in, pencil for tracing, pen or marker for outlining, and something to color with (crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, etc.) - whichever you prefer to use will work fine! Come have fun with me as we create together and dive into God's Word!

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Amanda Davis

Amanda Davis

Owner/Founder, Devotion In Action